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No Need to Buy More Chargers: Battery Barracks Allows You to Use the Ones You Already Have!

You don't have to go out and spend a bunch of money on chargers to ensure you're battery-powered tools are always ready to go. With Battery Barracks, you can store the chargers you already own (even for different brands!) in a single location with a single plug-in to charge them all. It is the most innovative product for the worksite to come along in years!


Tired of having many different chargers spread out across the worksite? With Battery Barracks you can efficiently charge ALL your devices in ONE location.



Say goodbye to the days of searching for the right battery for the tool you need right now. Battery Barracks helps you to organize all your batteries - for everything from hand-tools to smartphones - adding never-before-seen convenience to the worksite.



Battery Barracks eliminates the need for multiple outlets to charge batteries from different manufacturers. By offering a single charging station for different brands and devices, Battery Barracks is ushering in a new era of worksite flexibility.


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