Want to learn more about how the Battery Barracks can benefit your worksite or home shop? Check out this FAQ for more insight on all the Battery Barracks offers!

What does the Battery Barracks do, exactly?

The Battery Barracks offers a single solution for recharging batteries from multiple power tool manufacturers. If you have a DeWalt drill, a Milwaukee sawzall and a Black & Decker circular saw, you no longer need to find the space for multiple bases andĀ plugs to charge them. You can add their charging bases to the Battery Barracks and charge them all, at the same time, in one convenient location.

How many charging bases can Battery Barracks handle?

The Battery Barracks can accommodate up to SIX charging bases (that's as many as 6 rechargeable batteries!). Our innovative design securely holds the chargers and requires only one plug to power them all.

Does the Battery Barracks charge anything else?

Of course! The Battery Barracks can be upgraded to include two USB ports so you can charge virtually ANY mobile device, from phones to tablets and more! You can also choose to upgrade with a standard outlet to plug in your radio or other electrical device.

Is it just for the worksite, or can I use it at home?

The easy-carry design makes it the perfect solution for either the worksite OR your home shop. No matter where tangled charger cords are making you crazy, the Battery Barracks will serve as a welcome addition!

Okay, how do I get MY Battery Barracks?

Battery Barracks is now available for purchase. CLICK HERE to get yours!

Efficient. Convenient. Flexible.

Charging multiple devices has never been easier... Get your hands on Battery Barracks today!