Battery Barracks

Check out the most comprehensive time and money saver to hit the market for construction crews, do-it-yourselfers, first responders, business and home owners in years!

Battery Barracks | Tangled Bag Of Chargers

Tired of the Tangles?

Anyone who has spent any time on a jobsite - or working in their shop at home - can attest to the fact that charging batteries from different devices induces and instant headache. In most cases, the bundle of tangled cables leads to the kind of frustration that makes you want to turn the drill on yourself!

Battery Barracks to the Rescue!

Fret no more. Battery Barracks will help you triumph over the tangle. Our organized approach to charging multiple batteries from multiple brands all at once will change the way you work.

Battery Barracks | Waterproof Recharging Station

Battery Barracks Protection!

There is nothing worse that finding out your bag has filled with water and your tools are ruined! Not so with Battery Barracks! Keep your charging bases away from the elements and protect them in the Battery Barracks!

Battery Barracks:
How To Install Your Battery Charging Units

Learn how easy it is to assemble your Battery Barracks once you make your purchase! You will not believe how this will simplify your life!

Battery Barracks:
Beat The Clock

See how simple it is to use Battery Barracks on the job site or around the house. It is as easy as open, plug in, and charge!

Battery Barracks:
The Water Test

See just how effective Battery Barracks is at keeping your charging units dry and protected from the elements.

Simplify your life!
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